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About Us

This page offers pictures of our hunts and unique stories we have to share 

Our kennels originated about five years ago when I was introduced to hog hunting with dogs from Josh Baros and Charles Zella. I quickly developed a great fondness of the sport and enjoy every aspect of it.  This is truly our opinion the only real and exillirating way to hunt. Sitting in deer stands and training the deer or other game is quite boring and it gives the animals a true disadvantage. In our sport hogs have the ability to run, outsmart, fight and ellude our dogs. This makes the challenge of taking game with our dogs and nothing more than a knife greater than any other sport has to offer. 

We mainly hunt in the areas around Gonzales, TX. But some hunts have taken all the way across this vast state.We hunt mainly to fulfill our passion for the outdoors and the thrill that the hunt gives us. But, we also provide a safe and efficient way to eradicate hogs and the nuisance that they have become for ranchers and landowners alike.

Squeal like a Pig

The Thrill of the Hunt

Listen To Him Squeal

Got this one caught, Another night another hog for Hog Heaven Kennels


We use a breed that has been devloping for almost thirty years. Tommy Baros originated the breed of dogs we use by crossing the real leggish an intelligent blackmouth cur with the hot nosed and aggressive Catahoula Leopard. The bloodline has created a great abliltiy for the generations it produces to be guaranteed to work. Almost 100% of puppies bred from this bloodline work on cows and hogs. It is usually not a matter of if the pups will work but when. 

We consider our breed to be the best suited for the working conditions and enviornment that our dogs work in.