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Pics# 1

Pictures of our dogs, us, and the things we do for fun


Big Boar!

This big hog we caught and hobbled in southwestern Gonzales county. He weighed 256lbs. and had 3 1/4 inch teeth.


White Tips! The infamous hog that we had hunted and never caught. Well we finally did and he weighed over three hundred pounds. (Jimmy Kennedy looks on)


Kyle Sticks this pig


Get him Charles!

Stupid (R.I.P.) and Nuts have this pig sucked down as Charles goes to stick him.


The Original Hunters


Hog Heaven Kennels South Texas Hog Hunting Team 2004. Pictured L to R Bret Hill, Courtney La Fleur, Chris Brzozowski, Will Weatherford, Josh Baros, Justin La Fleur, Keath White, Kyle Gorden, Jimmy Kennedy (little bit), Jeff Watts, Landon Brockman, Blaine Hill. We took second place in the Tournament.